Friday, February 18, 2011

Endowed Prosperity Charity Services

Lonny Ward Consulting and Endowed Prosperity Coaching help businesses and charities work together to provide a more permanent source of income for their international and charitable activities.
  • The Endowed Prosperity Initiative will provide support and training for individuals and companies who are looking for ways to 'give back' in a more meaningful way than simply writing out a check.
  • The Endowed Prosperity Initiative will establish a network of individuals, businesses and charities who are interested in working together to provide a higher level of aid to those in need by providing them with the ability to provide for themselves.
  • The Endowed Prosperity Initiative will help those in under-developed countries by working with international charities who are solely dependent on donations. We will help them to identify and develop profitable business ventures within their existing projects which will provide a recurring income source for their charitable activities. 

Services available to International charities interested in business consulting include the following: 
  • Complete Business or Charity Analysis: We will meet with your team both home and abroad to get a comprehensive view of all the services and resources you have available with the purpose of identifying profitable business ventures and micro-businesses that could be started with your current staff and resources, as well as possible new ventures.
  • Business Plan Presentation: We will meet with your team and discuss the business opportunities we have found and help your team decide which plans to pursue and what your next actions should be.
  • Align with Your Mission: We will help you to make sure that all possible ventures not only generate income, but fit within the mission of your company and the concept of "endowed prosperity" - to provide impoverished individuals with the talents, abilities & skills they need to establish a permanent source of income which will lift them out of poverty and into a successful, flourishing condition - financially, emotionally and spiritually. For instance, developing square foot gardens at your orphanage will provide greater nutrition and a valuable skill that can literally save them from starvation and benefit their future families and communities.
  • Expert Training: As each new business idea is chosen, we will tap into our extensive network of like-minded individuals & businesses to connect you with experts in the field you are pursuing who are willing to help develop your new business idea into a comprehensive and executable plan. We will work with your team and these experts to provide training and support to your on-site staff so they will gain the skills needed to make the venture a success.  We will also arrange for lectures & presentations by these individuals to the local government & education officials.
  • Government Cooperation: We will help to facilitate a positive relationship between your company and government officials in the country wherein you operate. We will discuss what educational opportunities, training, and resources they have available for their people and partner with them to find common goals. Getting the local government on the same page is critical to the success of a company operating in a third-world environment.
  • Partner with Education: We will help you partner with local educational institutions, researchers and experts in the country where you operate who can help train your on-site staff, or be provided training by the experts we bring in from the U.S. Connecting with these individuals helps with community support and friendship towards your business in that area.
  • Volunteer Coordination: We will help you develop a program where volunteers from the U.S. with the skillsets you need will volunteer to go to the country and spend time at your sites teaching and training your people. This can also include internship opportunities for college students as well as teen and scout project donations of time, goods & services.
  • Business Registration: We will connect you with the right people to help you set up your new for-profit "sister-company" according to necessary federal tax guidelines. In most cases, the for-profit company will operate separately and then donate all net proceeds to the charity.

The Endowed Prosperity Initiative will benefit your charitable activities these main ways:  
  • Once we have helped you to identify and successfully launch your sister-company, you will no longer be dependent only upon charitable donations and volunteers. 
  • While volunteers and charitable donations will still be an important part of your endeavors, your for-profit venture will partially or fully fund your charity with its net proceeds. 
  • Ideally, each new office or location will have it's own small business that provides it with the funding it needs to survive on it's own, run and managed by local talent. This provides not only income, but opportunity and self-respect for those involved. 
  • Once that project is no longer dependent on donations to survive, you can move on to another place where your important activities are needed. And on and on it goes. 
The effect of Endowed Prosperity is that thousands more people can be reached. 

Instead of having this model:
You will have this model: 

What you’ll have is a self-sustaining entity that lifts the people involved and creates new opportunities for them. It gives those helped the ability to not be dependent on others for their own needs. It plants the seed of empowerment within the hearts of those being helped so that they will become endowed with the culture of prosperity and then share that culture of prosperity with others.
~Lonny & Erika Ward
Founders, Endowed Prosperity
An initiative of

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