Our Mission

The goal of the Endowed Prosperity Initiative is to bring together volunteers, entrepreneurs, businesses, churches and families into a massive network where we can help one another achieve the daunting goal of endowing prosperity across the globe.

What exactly is Endowed Prosperity?:
To Endow is to provide a permanent source of income.
Prosperity is a flourishing and thriving condition.

To Endow Prosperity is to provide impoverished individuals with the motivation and skills they need to establish a permanent source of income that will lift them out of poverty and into a successful, flourishing condition - financially, emotionally and spiritually. 

We hope that you will join us so we can change the world, one person and one project at time. By working together in the Endowed Prosperity Network, synergy is created and more people will be reached than if we all go at this alone.

Let's Make a Real Difference in this World!
~Lonny & Erika Ward~
Founders of Endowed Prosperity International
A non-profit initiative of LonnyWardConsulting