Monday, October 10, 2011

Many Hands Make Light Work

As I have become more involved in helping others gain prosperity I begin to feel the enormity of the task ahead. At times I feel overwhelmed and get discouraged because there is so much to do both close to home and throughout the world. One phrase that has come to mind lately is "Many hands make light work".

I have seen several examples of this lately where many people working together have accomplished great tasks. We all have skills and talents that we can use to help others but often we are not sure how, when or where to use those talents. If we keep our eyes and hearts open we will be able to see what we can do.

In her blog,, Alisa Morford has shared numerous examples
of how other's acts of kindness have combined to make a big difference in their ability to raise money for adopting children from the Ukraine. Here are a few example: an encouraging word, donating clothing or baked goods for yard sales, arranging and organizing yard sales, spending time sorting the sale items, taking a shift at the booth, arranging for a benefit concert with the high school, providing technical support for the website, sharing encouraging and inspiring stories, and of course donating money.

Some people are blessed or burdened with wealth so they can give of that wealth to worthy causes but most people live on a tight budget (although tight is relative). Does this mean that they can not contribute? Absolutely not as is evident by the list above. The key is identifying the resources that we have available with the needs of those we meet. That is the goal of Endowed Prosperity to facilitate the connection between resources and needs.

It is so exciting to see the multiplying affect that happens when people start reaching out to help others. Many hands make light work and they also make fun work as we associate with each other and see the results of our labors. Do not think that you don't have anything to offer! We all have something that we can share with others. Look around for opportunities and your eyes will be opened to the possibilities.

Warning! Once you start helping and feel the joy of lifting others you will become addicted. It will stretch you more than you thought possible but it will be the most exciting time of your life. Dive in because with many hands it makes light work!

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