Friday, July 25, 2014

Feed the World Model

The Feed The World program starts with an area or village being selected based on their needs, resources and a desire to work with us. We meet with community leaders and set up a community meeting to present the program to the families in the chosen area.
At the meeting we explain the program, this includes what we expect from them and what they can expect from us. We ask them to apply for the program and select about 20 families from those that have applied. The families are required to attend the training classes on a weekly basis, implement the lessons that they are taught about nutrition, hygiene, land preparation, and facilities preparation for the animals. At any time if the family does not follow the program they will be dismissed and one of the other families will be selected to take their place.
A baseline study is done with these families to determine their nutritional needs and their health and economic status. Once the study has begun, our technicians begin teaching the lessons. The lessons are standard, but can be modified to the needs of the families in the program. Our nutritionist teaches the need for proper nutrition for good health and grow. She also teaches the importance of proper hygiene, food handling and food preparation.
The agronomist, animal scientist and nutritionist put together a plan for producing the food that will give the family nutritional self-sufficiency. In other words, they will grow everything that they need for a complete balanced diet.
The agronomist and animal scientist begin teaching lessons about planting vegetables, field crops and raising small animals. These technicians will also go into the farms and coach the families as they go through the program.
We have found that within a couple of years the families can have all the food for a balanced diet and food stored to last them through one growing season.
The beauty of this program is that Feed The World is mainly giving knowledge and encouragement so that when we move on to other families the first group can continue. We also teach these families to share what they are learning with their neighbors and help them reach self-sufficiency also.
We have seen families gain confidence as they progressed in the program. They continue past what we have taught them and develop marketing cooperatives that help them get higher prices for their produce. 
The beauty of this program is that the families are lifting themselves out of poverty with our training and encouragement. They then can share that same knowledge with their friends, families, and neighbors. The results are long lasting and widespread. It is an amazing self-help program!
We also have two other programs: Train the trainers where we teach extension agents to implement the program and give them support as they teach the families and  Feed The World shares the lessons with other nonprofits and government agencies that are interested in using all or part of our material.

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