Saturday, October 15, 2011

Smile Again - Bushman endows us with a different kind of prosperity

Matt Bushman is a great example of someone that is using his talents to "Endow Prosperity" on those around him. We often think of prosperity in the areas of food, clothing, and shelter. While these are all critical  to survival, there are other parts of our life that contribute to living a prosperous life. Music is one of the most powerful mediums for motivating us. This tool can and has been used for good and bad from the beginning of time. Matt has used his talents of song writing and singing to lift and encourage people for many years.

My first exposure to Matt's music was at a benefit concert at Payson High School. He was using his talents to increase the prosperity of those around him in two ways. Those of us that were in attendance were treated to his beautiful upbeat music, and the students benefited from the proceeds of the concert. He was giving emotional and financial prosperity to both of those groups of people.

On a personal level, Matt has brought great enjoyment to my family with his music - especially his Smile Again CD.
It became our children's playtime and bedtime music. One year for a Christmas gift, Matt agreed to go to lunch with two of my daughters and talk to them about his music. They were so excited to meet Matt and thrilled when he pulled out his guitar right there in the restaurant and sang their favorite songs to them.

Matt continues to be a great example to me even though he cannot play in concerts right now. He recently underwent brain surgery and is having to relearn how to use his body. Even without his ability to reach out through playing his guitar, he still has a bright outlook on life. His positive attitude is contagious and will hopefully lead to a full recovery so that he can once again perform the joyous songs from Smile Again, but this time with an additional reason to smile.

Thank you Matt Bushman for endowing us with emotional prosperity as we listen to your fun and uplifting music. You are a great example of someone that uses your talents to lift and inspire those who know you. Let's all take a page from Matt's book and consider ways that we can endow others with prosperity.


  1. Wow, what a great story! I happen to know Matt personally and he is indeed on of the most positive people I know. I love his music and that he shares it to uplift others.
    Thanks for doing this blog post about Matt.

  2. What a treat! thank you for this post!! Matt Bushman is a precious uncle of mine. He has never failed to show special love and attention to me even though he has at least 30 other nieces and nephews. He has inherited his wonderful mothers talent of making every one feel like they're his favorite. I love him and his inspired music dearly.