Monday, January 7, 2013

Measuring Successful Charitable Organizations

I posted the following question on a LinkedIn discussion group and got some great responses.

When looking at an, NGO, charitable organization or government program for the poor, what criteria would you use to measure their success? How can you tell that time and money invested is well spent?

Pedro Pompeyo Osores Morante • Hello my friend when the activity goes permanent and inclusive
Hello my friends maybe the first program you must can do to the people(whit not money) are talk to them about the opportunities of learn to develop and use his natural resources

DSK Rao • Hi Lonny, if the program continues on it's own after the Funding stops, it is a measure of success. Unfortunately most of these programs stop when the funding stops or demand perpetual funding!

Juan E Labastida B. • Hola Lonny, long time no write !! Just moved a little further from my past post, but still in Mexico but now commited to other affairs!
On the question, it´s hard to tell, if it´s life saving with direct action it could be the amount of lives direclty saved. Other could be if you ´re aiming at education, then you could either count the new built facilities (if any) or the number of students being benefited, even so it´s so hard !! Will keep reading to smarter posts to learn, thanks for sharing !

Shahin Sabetghadam • It depends on the nature of the projects and the goals or aims of the projects carried out. If the aim is a temporary or short term relief from hunger or similar goals, evaluation of the implemented projects is different from the evaluation of comprehensive development plans.

Rick Walker • They should help the people take ownership and empower them with what they need to be successful! We offer a solution to do just this. With healthy lifestyles people can thrive. Water is the FIRST ingredient!
We can help! Innovative and sustainable rainwater harvesting for SECURE water source, Agribusiness and thriving communities for the people!

 If I can summarize, the measure of success depends on the purpose of the project.
1 - Some projects focus on short term immediate relief. They come and go according to need and are viewed as successful by the amount of relief given. They focus on just giving people the necessities for a short term until they can get going on their own again.

2- Long term society building projects. These projects focus on developing the economies of the area to improve the long term livelihood of the community. These types of projects take a lot more preparation and understanding of the resources, needs, and cultures of the people.

The first type of aid that is so critical to keep people alive can create a dependent society if not transitioned into the second type of aid as soon as possible. That is why it is so important for relief organizations to work together to provide what is needed at the right time. It is critical that the people receiving help get what they need to lift themselves out of poverty. They need to know how they can use the resources available to them to be successful. If they are just given things all of the time they will never learn how to go and get it themselves.

It is awe inspiring for me to learn about all of the organizations that give so much to help people that in most cases they don't even know. God bless those that reach out to lift other people!

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