Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wise and Solace Foundation

I have come in contact with Wisdom Sena Agoha who has set up the Wise and Solace Foundation in Ghana.  This is what they do.
 "Wise and Solace Foundation (WSF) is NGO that caters for rural needy children and youth to develop talents, skills and promote education among the needy in the rural areas so that they can also bear on emerging challenges to rural development ."
Wisdom sent this for me to share on the website:


Good medical care is about life and when you have health you have life and when you have life you have hope to achieve your dreams in life. There are lives of those you love and care about that you do not know in the rural communities that are being served by health centers.

The health centers in these rural communities serve about thousands of patients in a month but lack the necessary equipment to deliver effectively to save lives to reduce unforeseen happening in these communities.

There are many cases where health centers in the rural areas could not serve patients because they do not have the facilities or equipment to do so. A community center in deprived area, has only one bed for about thousand patients that attend  Operation Patients Department,  so your guess may be right to what  happens, when about ten patients need to be admitted a day because of their situation.

The end -goal of health center or hospital is life and health for those who need its services and its takes the efforts of many to make it flourish. For a health center in a rural area to deliver to save life, we are seeking your support to be able to help five rural health centers   in the Ketu North district of the Volta Region, Ghana to acquire Thermometers, Hospital Bed, Bed Pans, Trolleys, Examination Bed, Wheel Chair, Stretcher, Injection Tray, Delivery Bed, Scale for weighing, Bed Sheet, B.P Apparatus, Television, Glucometers, Ambulance Car, Computers, and other equipment.

We hope you will be among those who will respond to our Good medical care project with the support to acquire any of equipment mention to help provide many in the rural areas with life and health

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